About Us

The Partner Management Technology market offers very limited choice for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Most players in the market offer comprehensive Partner Management Systems that are loaded with enterprise level features and functionality that are (a) overwhelming for most SMBs and (b) too expensive to implement and maintain.

In 2015, TORANGATE was established to fill that gap. TORANGATE is an incredibly affordable and commercially viable Partner Management and Productivity tool-kit for SMBs.

Many SMBs are approaching a crossroad which can be detrimental to their growth. One of the biggest contributors to the failure of SMBs who choose to sell through channels rather than a direct Salesforce, is their inability to efficiently communicate and provide their channel partners with the material assets needed to sell and support their products. Absence of any prominent Canadian vendor (or for that matter any vendor) in this market segment inspired us to develop TORANGATE.

Our vision is to encourage Canadian and SMB start-ups globally to reduce one of the risks associated with rapid growth, by taking a more disciplined approach to tackling the logistics of how to manage their channel partners.