Certificate Management

Automated Certification – A Dream Come True

Whatever the reason your employees or business channel partners need to be certified TORANGATE provides an easy to follow process for the storage and distribution of exams, the requests for certification and the delivery of certificates. Federal, Provincial and State evidence of compliance can be stored and deployed from TORANGATE as well.

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TORANGATE Certification organizes and documents every step of your certification process. Admin can set multiple certification tests either at department or individual level. Test questionnaires can be set in multiple choice, rich text and upload format

Upon completion, Admin gets to evaluate the test and then share the result and certificates with the users.

Automated Certification – A Dream Come True

Whether you are giving a certification exam or someone is taking one, TORANGATE makes it a virtually effortless and painless process. Imagine never having to run around looking for your organization’s confirmation of compliance or an employee’s or channel partner’s proof of certification ever again.

Easy Exam Storage & Deployment

Store and schedule ALL of your certification and proof of compliance exams in one easy-to-use system

Proof of Certification

Eliminate the need to run around to find proof of certification or compliance. TORANGATE puts it all in ONE place

Certification Availability 24/7

Make your Certification Exams available on the desktop or any mobile device day or night

Easy and Affordable - Proof of Certification & Compliance

While TORANGATE Certification Management makes it easy for you to store and deploy certification and compliance exams, it makes it equally simple for your employees or business channel partners to request and take the exams. No other solution makes it easier or more affordable!

The Only Place You Need to Put All of Your Certification & Compliance Assets

TORANGATE eliminates the need to have multiple systems for compliance verification, product training validation, partner certification and much more. Nothing makes it easier than TORANGATE Certification Management to deploy the required exams and for the appropriate people to take them.

Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

Deploy your exams according to schedule or make them available 24/7 on any device

An Affordable Certification Process

An extremely cost effective solution for storing and deploying your exams

Scheduled Exams or Available 24/7

You can choose to deploy an exam according to a schedule or make them available anytime.