Dynamic Dashboard

Access and Manage Everything – Easily – From ONE Single Place

As an Administrator, the TORANGATE Dashboard will provide you with a powerful Eagle’s eye-view of your partner network, empowering your ability to:

  •   Easily track and identify your most engaged partners from the least engaged
  •   View of which Videos and other Assets are Working and Why or Why not
  •   Control the assets needed to promote corporate compliance, profitability and success

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As an Associate/Reseller/Partner, the TORANGATE Dashboard is your control center giving you easy access to everything you need to succeed:

  • Videos, Assets, Document requests
  • Opportunity Summaries
  • Event Scheduling
  • Access to the TORANGATE Forum to inquire, learn and advise

From this Perch You’re Positioned for Success

Whatever your function in the channel network, the TORANGATE Dashboard will provide you with a one stop hub to secure and record the data and information you need to be proactive and manage your success.

Dashboard Widgets – A Shortcut to Productivity

You get direct access to the function and information you need from the applicable Dashboard widget

Profile Management

Until now, SME’s have been unable to benefit from the most useful functions and features that enterprise level PMS provide

Opportunity & Engagement Tracking

24/7 access to those most engaged in your network and the opportunities they are working on

An Eagle’s Eye View of What Matters

TORANGATE‘ Dynamic Dashboards help you and your team stay connected and aware with what’s going on in your internal or external channel network. 24/7 access to easily understandable visual aids make it easy for everyone to stay informed knowledgeable and proactive

TORANGATE’s Dynamic Dashboard

If a picture is worth 1000 words, just imagine how the TORANGATE Dynamic Dashboard and its custom widgets will efficiently, effectively and economically keep you up to date and informed with what matters and what’s going on in your TORANGATE channel.

Know Which Assets Work And Which Don’t

Videos and written assets cost time and money, knowing what works and what doesn’t saves money and promotes engagement.

Spend Time where it’s Most Profitable

Focusing your effort and money where it will yield the highest return is simply good business . Dashboards help make it clear where the focus should be

Know Who’s Engaged, Who’s Not and Why

Understanding the relationship between success and partner engagement is vital to developing a strong partner network.