Forum Management

Automated Certification – A Dream Come True

TORANGATE Forum is an interactive platform that allows users to post questions and comments. All posts are moderated by the Admin and evaluated for approval to get posted on the live site; this is a security filter for quality control purposes.

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A user can:
  •   Like
  •   Dislike, or
  •   Comment on a post

Forum can function as a simple frequently asked questions (FAQ) tool or as an advance intranet facilitating module to encourage knowledge sharing, evaluating and storing culture.

Promote a More Proactive and Creative Culture

The Place to Voice Opinion & Ask Questions

Better understand your people and partners by what they say, ask and answer

An Easy to Control Environment

You establish FORUM rules of engagement and have full control over what does and doesn’t get posted

Readily Identify Social Influencers

Whether internal or external to your organization, FORUM will expose the people with most influence in your corporate and channel network

Convenient and Friendly

Readily accessible and easy to use, the TORANGATE Video Hub is a web and mobile device friendly portal, that’s easy to manage and easy to deploy. Your partners will love how easily they can access the videos you’ve made available to sponsor their success.

Boost Confidence and Improve Productivity – Knowledge is Empowering

Used strategically and appropriately, the TORANGATE Forum can help build stronger professional relationships between employees or channel partners as they participate by asking colleagues for information and willingly share their knowledge with others.


Get the answers you need from the people with the most knowledge and understanding

Secure and Easy to Access

Available to you and your associates - 24/7

Promotes Engagement

Used as a sounding board or a FAQ response tool, you can easily identify the most engaged people in your network