Opportunity Management

Activity Alone Does Not Guarantee Success

Knowing what opportunities your partners are working on and the projected revenues associated with their activity will help you manage your channel more efficiently and effectively. Your partners can record their opportunities, keep you updated on the status of each one and even request your help in the negotiation process. Being able to see a partners level of activity along with their level of engagement takes much of the guess work out of managing for a mutually beneficial successful outcome.

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The TORANGATE Opportunity List is a directory of all business opportunities.

A user can add an opportunity and update the status of that opportunity to either being active, inactive, won or lost. Users can give financial details of the opportunity by recording the estimated revenue that can be generated, the numbers of expected users and an estimated time to close the opportunity.

Critical to establish the potential business a company can expect in the short or long term, the information available in the opportunities list also benefits the company by providing financial projections and overall performance insights.

Activity Alone Does Not Guarantee Success

Opportunity Management allows you to see on one page whether the level of activity of your partners and the results of their efforts are in sync, giving you an opportunity to be proactive in helping them be more successful and profitable.

Track Opportunities by Partner

Track the number of opportunities and the products requested by partner

Revenue Projections and Actuals by Partner

Partners log their revenue projections for each opportunity with start and close dates

Participate in Negotiations

Negotiation functionality allows partners to include you when needed in the process

Active & Engaged Partners Are The Most Successful

Your partners can easily track the status and revenue projections for their opportunities and request your help in negotiations. When you know what’s going on in your channel, it becomes easier to manage it more effectively.

Just 1 Click To Know Who Your Top Performers Are

The TORANGATE Opportunity Management Dashboard is the place to go when you need to see how well your partners are doing. In addition to their level of engagement, you can see the status of their current business opportunities, which products or services they’re selling and the expected close date for the opportunities they’re working on. It simply doesn’t get easier than this to know who’s hot and who’s not in your channel network

Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

Accessible by you and your strategic partners 24/7

Negotiate More Wins

Negotiation functionality gives your partners easy access to your input to win more deals

Your Top Performers Easily Identified

You see your top performers their opportunities and engagement level