Profile Management

Automated Certification – A Dream Come True

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Profile Management is a key component of the TORANGATE toolkit and where you go first to:

  • Register the details of any party that would be users of TORANGATE including employees, channel partner companies, partner employees, and course trainers
  • Assign user names and passwords for access to TORANGATE
  • Register Vendors for the TORANGATE Marketplace
  • Allow Trainers to View their courses and assign the related course materials and asset to those courses

Easy Setup of ALL of your TORANGATE Users

TORANGATE Profile Management provides an intuitive environment in which to register ALL of your TORANGATE users by categories which include:

  • Reseller Companies and Contacts
  • Staff (your employees)
  • Course Trainers
  • Marketplace Vendors

View, Edit, Add Contacts with 1 Click

We do our best to make TORANGATE a pleasant and easy to use work environment. Most functions are accessible in only 1 or 2 clicks of the mouse

Language Sensitive User Profiles

Once a user profile is set up in TORANGATE, the user is automatically assigned a user interface in their preferred language

Marketplace Marketplace

Once a Vendor is registered in TORANGATE they can immediately start uploading their product information for others to view, order or ask questions

Designed to Delight Your Users

From TORANGATE’s well designed user interface to its availability in the user’s preferred language, there is no Partner Management solution that’s more enjoyable for them to use. Profile Management ensures that your users will get secure access to the TORANGATE tools that will make them more confident, more effective and more productive in their work environment.

Profile Management – Easily Set up Your Internal and External Users

Easy to use and affordable, the TORANGATE Profile Management Hub is a fast and effective way to register all of your TORANGATE portal users. It simply doesn’t get more effortless than this to set up a new user in their preferred language and have them take advantage of the TORANGATE tools to which you’ve given them private and secure access.

View User Engagement Levels

In addition to the Dynamic Dashboard, how well each user is using the assets available to them is available from their profile

View Contact Opportunities

Reseller user opportunities and revenue projections can be viewed from their profile

Give Staff Easy Access to Assets

Give your staff easy access to company policies, training & compliance assets and much more