Training Management

Could Well Be - The Only Training Solution You’ll Ever Need

TORANGATE Training Management is an easy to use solution designed to provide growing companies of any size an affordable and convenient way to manage their training programs for groups or specific individuals whether they are internal employees, contract workers or external channel partners.

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Once the required course information is input (includes the type of group or individuals that the training is suited for, the names of the people participating in the course) and click submit, all that’s left to do is to choose the language that the course will be given in, choose the instructor enter the date and time of the class and a course description and Voila, your on-line course is now available to be taken by the attendees.

Could Well Be - The Only Training Solution You’ll Ever Need

Easy to implement and deploy this web-based Training Management solution with multi-lingual capabilities can be used to manage most of your training needs. Whether your people need training for reasons of legislative compliance, on-boarding, product knowledge or anything else you may think of, the process is simple.

Easily Assign Trainers to Courses

Our simple process makes it easy to assign the appropriate Trainer and learning materials to any course

Multi-Lingual Training Capabilities

Facilitates training in multiple languages and is currently available in English, French and Spanish

Easily Create Training Schedules

Training Schedules are easy to create whether one off or recurring for any course

Quick and Affordable Training Deployment

Readily accessible and easy to use, the TORANGATE Training Hub is a web and mobile device friendly portal, that’s easy to manage and easy to deploy. Your employees and partners will love how easily they can access their training schedules and get the training they need

Increase Productivity and Decrease Risk with Easy to Deploy Training

Training provides knowledge and understanding which increases confidence and results in increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately higher profits. An easy to follow training process for compliance and on-boarding purposes decreases the risk of government fines, increases competency and makes for a more productive and safe workplace.

Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

Accessible by you, your employees and your channel partners 24/7 from anywhere with web access

Start Using It Today

Ready to use in minutes, you can start uploading your existing training and compliance materials immediately

For Growing Companies

Whether your business is local, national or global, TORANGATE training Hub will handle your training needs