Give Your Channel Partners More Benefit From Your Channel Network

The TORANGATE Marketplace represents an opportunity for your organization to benefit from the products and services that your Resellers and Vendors have to offer. This marketplace provides an online venue for your Resellers and Vendors (who may or may not be integrated with the products that you supply and they sell to their customer base) to learn about each others’ products and position themselves to offer each others’ products to their respective customers.

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Marketplace vendors are registered and given a username and password by your TORANGATE Administrator via the TORANGATE Profile Management Hub. Once this process is complete, they are able to login and begin adding and then begin adding their products by Category and Sub-category. They can choose to provide a price list for their products or wait for pricing request from vendors interested in their products.

TORANGATE Marketplace also provides some social networking functionality for vendors to follow other vendors, tag their favorite partners, request a demo or request more information.

Give Your Channel Partners More Benefit From Your Channel Network

Show your channel partners that there is more value in joining your network than selling your products and services alone. The TORANGATE Marketplace makes it easier for them to sell their products to your network partners creating an additional, mutually beneficial revenue generation opportunity for their organizations AND yours.

A Portal to More Business Opportunities

When your channel partners‘ products have synergy with yours all parties can benefit from the beneficial business opportunities made available

Recommendation Requests

Upon a vendor’s request you can give them your rating on the marketplace vendors and products that most interest them

No Fuss Implementation & Deployment

Once a Vendor is registered in TORANGATE they can immediately start uploading their product information for others to view, order or ask questions

Optimize The Value of Your Channel to Clients

The TORANGATE Marketplace gives your organization an opportunity to optimize the value your resellers and other channel partners gain from belonging to your Channel network. It helps to build stronger channel partner relationships and increases the value of customers dealing with YOUR channel partners.

TORANGATE Marketplace – Business Friendly and Affordable

Cloud based ,most affordable and easy to deploy, the majority of your TORANGATE Marketplace vendors can be set up and trading in a matter of hours. The social network functionality and 24/7 access of TORANGATE make it easy for your vendors to communicate amongst themselves and increase their profits and yours.

Low Investment and High Return Potential

TORANGATE is an extremely economical alternative to creating YOUR Marketplace and optimizing channel revenue potential

Increased Channel Value

A strong Marketplace will attract more vendors, increasing revenue and the value of your network

Up and Running in Hours not Days

Subscribe today and have your marketplace up and running in a few hours. Your vendors will love it!